Zend Development Service The possibilities opened up by PHP are taken a step further by the Zend MVC (model view controller). The Zend Framework or ZF is an open source initiative what provides an object oriented framework for web applications; it is implemented in PHP5 under the new BSD license.The Zend framework enhances the simplicity of PHP and is considered to be one of the best MVC's that are to be found today. Loginworks Softwares brings to you applications for both mobile and web, based on your needs with the power of Zend Framework. Our services stand out with the effective implementation of best web practices. The programmers at Loginworks Softwares are proficient in developing code that conforms to the highest levels of quality standards in programming. Zend Solutions by Loginworks Softwares :
  • Environment deployment and installation.
  • Developing customized and E-commerce apps.
  • Customized development of portals with Zend.
  • Development of Zend web applications.
  • Stable web solutions with Zend.
  • Secure development of Zend apps.
  • Comprehensive quality checks.
  • Customized solutions.
Zend Features :
  • Fully object oriented.
  • Provides for seamless expansion for future.
  • Implementation of the flexible Model View Controller architecture.
  • It is easy to deploy as well as maintain.
  • Enhanced ability to use only what is required.
  • The code is extensible as well as well tested.
  • The decoupled nature makes for easy integration with other libraries such as Smarty and Symfony
  • Presence of suitable standards and guidelines.
  • A thriving community and extensive documentation.
  • Code that is both extensive and tested.
Reasons for using the Zend Framework :
  • Solutions for your business and your clents which are both cost-effective as well as high-end.
  • Web applications that are highly scalable such as portals, customized modules and business tools.
  • A development cycle time that is significantly lower than that of core PHP development.
  • A fluent interface as well as presence of abstract classes.
  • Has a rich function library that may be reused. The building blocks of this framework may be used individually by other frameworks and applications.
  • Security that includes secure and cryptographic coding tools.
  • The framework may easily be adapted as required.
  • The basic engineering has been done keeping in mind a high level of performance tuning.
  • It also ready for enterprise class applications with a proven track record in this critical field.
Latest News in the Zend World :
  • The ZF version 3 is scheduled to come out later this year. It is expected to be significantly changed from the earlier version, emphasizing simple, reusable, and performance issues.
  • Z-Ray is now available for PHP and PHP based content management systems like Drupal, Wordpress and Magento.
  • Zend Studio too has undergone a major facelift with its newest version unveiled recently.
  • Zend Server is also among the list of the new pattern and product offerings by Zend.
  • Bring simplicity, use Zend. Call us, for more information on our services.