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YII Web Application Development Service When it comes to creating Web 2.0 applications, Yii application development is by the far the best. At Loginworks Softwares, we work using this high performance PHP framework to deliver comprehensive web solutions to our clients. What is Yii? It is an open-source, free web application framework developed on PHP5 to promote clean designs and provide support to fast web development. Using this application, we make our application development procedure more time and cost efficient. We therefore take pride in offering reliable and flexible end products. Yii application development is; Fast - This web application framework comes with a powerful caching support and is designed to work with AJAX. Aside from that, it is built to load only those features that are necessary for the project. Secure - It has a host of security features. This includes output filtering, prevention from cross-site scripting, input validation and SQL injection. Professional - Yii has a very professional framework that allows our developers to formulate reusable code. As Yii is built based on MVC pattern, it clearly separates logic and presentation. Recently, an update has been made to Yii web application framework. Its newer version, 2.0.2 comes with 40 new features and many bug fixes. While the old version supports aliases representing URLs and different file paths, the new one is updated with route aliases support. Yii is a powerful web application development framework featuring a short learning curve. As it is developed from component-based design, our developers can customize it according to their needs. Why to Benefits?
  • Yii consists of several automation features that ensure efficient execution of any project.
  • It is available with good extensions that reduce the testing efforts to a great extent.
  • Yii can better the performance of the applications already developed.
  • The end products derived from this framework are highly scalable, maintainable, efficient and robust.
Why to Features?Yii is available with innumerable features, which include:
  • Designed in MVC pattern
  • Host of security measures
  • Supports page caching, dynamic content, fragment caching and data caching.
  • Allows automatic code generation
  • Work efficiently with third party code.
  • Its unit testing is based on Selenium as well as PHPUnit
  • It supports date formatting, number formatting, interface localization and message translation.
  • The code generated complies with XHTML standards.
  • Yii deals with errors efficiently. It can also categorize log messages, filter and route them to various destinations
  • Generate complex WSDL service specifications
  • Manage Web service request
Our Team of Developers are expert in :
  • OOP Concept
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript/Jquery
  • PHP
Our Yii application offers Access Object, DB migration, Database access, MVC and much more. As soon as the framework is downloaded, you will start receiving these services. Yii developers from Loginworks Softwares are comfortable working with multiple clients as we aim at offering default support. Be it AJAX based widgets or authorization process, we have efficient error handling techniques.