Windows Mobile Application Development Service With changing habits of internet users, who are now accessing the net from their mobile devices, it not surprising that mobile applications are in.The word Windows is a brand that needs no introduction. Truly, a pioneering achievement in Operating Systems with Graphical User Interfaces or GUI.We develop applications for the smartphones based on the Windows mobile OS.It is estimated that over a whopping fifty percent of users of Windows mobile use Windows 8. It is no secret that many of the discerning smartphone users opt for windows mobile over Android and even iOS due to its futuristic design and a stunning yet intuitive interface. What we do:
  • Development of Windows Mobile Applications.
  • Integration of API with Third Party.
  • Enhancement of Products.
  • Development of social apps and utility based applications.
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance.
  • Development of Enterprise Applications.
  • Migration and Porting of Apps and finally.
  • Testing of apps.
We have a proven record of efficiency in JSON,XAML, .NET, SQL Lite, XML, the REST/SOAP protocol, visual basic, transitional and smooth User Interfaces, GPS Sensors, Camera Software, effective and powerful integration of the email, contacts and calendar of Outlook and voice search.Developing Windows Mobile applications is very different from any Android or ios application. We do development for all three: Windows, Android and BlackBerry. Contact Us Now.