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Symfony Web Application Development Service Speed up your web development with Symfony, one of the leading PHP frameworks. At Loginworks Softwares we use Symfony to create all types of websites, ranging from personal blog sites to high traffic yielding sites. The Symfony framework can be defined as a set of tools that enable our skilled developers to test, document projects and debug. The PHP applications like Drupal, eZ publish and phpBB are built on the basis of various Symfony components. This web framework not only aims at developing and maintaining web applications, but also assists to replace the repetitive coding tasks. Symfony aims to develop robust applications and allows our developers to have complete control over configuration. It is highly inspired by web frameworks like Ruby, Spring and others. This web application framework is capable of supporting JavaScript and other PHP projects, including Prototype, lessphp, TCPDF etc. The Symfony Ecosystem :Take a look at which other popular PHP projects originated from Symfony;
  • Twig - It is a fast and safe PHP templating engine.
  • Swiftmailer - It is a no-brainer solution allowing you to deliver emails.
  • Silex - It is a PHP microframework developed with the best Symfony components.
Symfony: A Free Software : Enable development and maintenance of various web applications. It has a low performance overhead when used along with bytecode cache. Additionally, it focuses at creating heavy applications. By using this web framework, our team at Loginworks Softwares can customize almost everything of your website. Therefore, it wouldn't be wrong in defining Symfony as a toolbox consisting of a set of preassembled software components. This allows us to develop less code and increase productivity by devoting time on things that would add greater value to the entire project. Aside from that, this web framework works on a development methodology that enables our developers to work effectively on the complex aspects of a task. However, it can also be referred to as a philosophy as well as a community. Symfony as a Philosophy Symfony is built out of the imagination of some of the web designers associated with SensioLabs. It was made available soon after under MIT license (an open source license). This had eventually benefitted other developers to make improvements in it by including their own modules Symfony as a Community A community of developers is involved in creating Symfony. They keep on making revisions to ensure that the best tailor-made support is provided on this framework. Recently Symfony 2.6.4 has been released that comes with a host of amendments. This version is integrated with Unique Entity Validator, fixed HTML Dumper, print error message, enhanced Yaml parsing, row optimization, and much more. Loginworks Softwares offers various Symfony solutions to our clients ensuring quick website creation and maintenance. Our Symfony Services
  • Symfony2 Website Development
  • Symfony Plug-in Development
  • Implementation of Symfony2 Components
  • Product Development based on Symfony
  • Symfony2 Initial Consultancy Services
  • Symfony Migration Services
  • Symfony2 Maintenance Services
  • Symfony2 Support Services
  • Symfony Based Solutions for Enterprise Portal Development
  • Conversion of your existing Application to Symfony web application framework