Latest Services Latest Services Fri, 03 Apr 2020 02:18:31 +0530 en-us Web Scraping Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Headquartered in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), we are an organization that is instrumental in offering dependable web scraping services to the clients at the most reasonable charges. Out of all the scrap that is present on the web, we find out the most appropriate information for the clients. We ensure that the final data is clean. In order to extract the clean data out of scrap, we begin by customizing the data requirements, formatting the data in HTML, text file, etc., and obtaining the desired frequency.   Businesses understand why data is so important Online data from any source, anytime. Crawling the web - Internet is ocean of unstructured data. This unstructured data can be easily transformed in structured data which you can understand easily and put to use. Customised Data Requirement - Where scrapers and tools fail, is where you need a service like ours to help you with your specific big data need. Available in Many Formats - Excel, CSV file, Text File, My SQL, HTML, Database. On a Frequency You Desire - One -time delivery or set regular frequency for data collection. We can get you data at your convinience. How can I be assured about clean data?When we first start web scraping from new websites, the data that gets out is not 100% correct the first time (but this data is not shipped out to our clients). Scraping process has to be tuned as we find different combinations regularly. We have a process of validating data in place, where we randomly select data from the output and cross check the same on the parent website. This way we continuously improve the quality of data that gets extracted. Data Mining Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 In order to grow steadily in the industry, a company has to find out the relevant data. Obtaining high quality data is always a carry the can situation. If you want to get informative data from the scrap, then come directly to us. At Appstar, we are engaged in offering dependable data mining services to the clients across Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). Our services are available for real estate, automobile, retail, and other data collection industries. From pre-processing the data to validation of data, our IT professionals assist the companies in the entire data mining procedure. Data Mining is a professional IT service we offer to our clients in Retail, Real Estate, Automobiles, and other business for their online data collection needs. With over 10 years of experience in the domain, our experts ensure data reaches with fast and accurate. Details : Quick Turnaround - We deliver both Regular or One-Time data. Quality Output - Data you can trust, to back your most important decisions. Unlimited Volume - We are providing millions of records daily and mining for Big Data. How companies use data mining? Online Retail Business - eCommerce is using DataMining to stay competitive. Daily, our team is tracking millions of products selling online for our customers in USA, Europe and UK. Real Estate Business - What’s available, where to buy, rent or sale, dealers, bids and more. Get latest property information on an email to you daily. Market Research - We do auto-data-collection from online sources to help in market research. Price analysis, buying trends, product data is vital information we gather. ebay Store Owners - Up-sell, cross-sell, and stay competitive with real time, up-to-date data. What we give you is unmatched volume, variety and velocity of data. Price Analysts - If you have got the pricing right, your products will attract more demand.Isn’t it? DataMining, Data-As-A-service for you to get price comparison data. Auto Sector - Products, parts or services, all the online information on one excel sheet. Filter, compare and get to know what’s available where at how much. Big Data Mining Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Ours is a name that is counted amongst the acknowledged companies that are engaged in offering excellent big data mining services to the clients across Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). We strive to provide excellent volumes of data from relevant online sources in big or small variety as per your requirements. We ensure that the data is delivered within the stipulated timeframe to prevent any bad impact on the business. So, avail our services now to get reliable data for transforming your business.   Details : Volume - We can give you high volumes of data. As much data you want, from any number of online sources. Variety - Big or small data, there is always variety in data. Data type, fields, ads or non-ads, listings, images, descriptions, and more. Velocity - Speed is strategically important. Our Big data services ensures fast deliveries for making business impact. Valuable insights can transform any business, only if data is reliable. Better, cleaner, and current data backs sound decision making and delivers unprecedented value. Market Research - We provide clients from this industry data on regular basis for use in Analytics. eCommerce - Streaming Product data & Price data to stay competitive always Real Estate - Million of records being sent daily to clients in Real Estate Businesses. FMCG - Data Mining is crucial in FMCG sector. Everyday, new products are being launched. Keep a tab on the latest brands in your segment. Data Analysis Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Based in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), we are engaged in offering reliable data analysis services to the clients at the most reasonable charges. By collecting the relevant data, we move forward to analyzing it. We offer customized and specific analysis of the data. By getting the data analyzed, you can have information about new moves and success rates along with different business trends and marketing techniques that are prominent in the industry. In the form of graphs, pie charts, tables, etc., we report the interpretation of the data analysis. Gather Intelligence from Data for Making Strategic Business Decisions.   Structured Data & Analysis - At Loginworks Softwares, we do Data Collection & Data Analysis. In our 10 years of experience and expertise in data services, we have served clients from across industries and locations Details : Need Specific Analytics - We deliver customized solutions to our clients, where other tools and ready-made solutions fail. Competitive Intelligence - Get to know all the moves and successes, news & trends, business and marketing strategies of competitor brands or companies. Reporting the Insights - Graphs, charts, tables to depict our analysis to you in a user-friendly and comprehensive manner. Clean and filtered data with no duplicates, available in the format you want. Rely on us for clean data.When we first start web scraping from new websites, the data that gets out is not 100% correct the first time (but this data is not shipped out to our clients). Scraping process has to be tuned as we find different combinations regularly. We have a process of validating data in place, where we randomly select data from the output and cross check the same on the parent website. This way we continuously improve the quality of data that gets extracted. Price Comparison Website Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 If you want to develop a website for price comparison purpose and looking for a reliable company to help you with the same, then come directly to us. At Appstar, we are actively involved in offering not just data services but also price comparison website development services to the clients across Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). We assist different companies in diverse industries in building their own website for price comparison. Our services include data mining, data processing, development services, and others.   Details : Data Processing -  Data filtering and reporting. Design & Development -  Building price comparison websites. Earn Money From Price Comparison Through Data Mining Data Mining - We can get you data from any web source. A regular stream of updated data to fuel your business decision and help you with insights Data Comparison - For any price comparison site, you need product data. Capability to compare prices and come up with best offer. We do just that, in the most effective way possible. Data Streaming - Scheduling data at regular intervals to ensure data reaches you on an ongoing basis with updated information. Customized data for you. Design website - Your could be a price comparison site or an eCommerce site. We can get you the best of designs that are practical for your business needs and easy for you to manage. Develop website - Our web team is pro at website development. We can create the website you need, just right for you. Using advanced technology, responsive and so friendly. Digital Marketing - Loginwoks ONE team handles digital marketing. Promoting websites online for increased presence and business purposes. SEO, SEM, SMM and ORM. Yellow Pages Scraping Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Do you want to get excellent quality and new business data? If yes, then avail our services now. At Appstar, we are instrumental in rendering dependable yellow pages scraping services to the clients across Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). We are providing a wide database for the leading new generations. We provide the best business listings and prominent companies’ contacts by scraping the yellow pages and extracting important information from it. We also provide email marketing database and latest information related to business.   Details : For Lead Generation - High quality business listings For Marketing - A reliable database for email marketing For New Businesses - Get the most updated business information Competition Tracking Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 In order to survive in the industry, you need to be aware of the competition that awaits you. Thus, avail our services to track your competition in the industry. At Appstar, we are engaged in offering dependable competition tracking services to the clients across Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). We track the prices at which your competitor is selling and the stock that is sold by your competitor. Besides this, we also track the promotions that are happening online. So, contact us now.   What we do Price comparison - Track prices of product that your competitor is selling. Stock availability - Track availability of product at different online stores. Online promotions - Track discounts and promotions on products. Ads Tracking Pricing History News & Brand Tracking What we do best Quality data Latest data Big data Competition Tracking is important, Why? Business decisions. Innovation plans. Price strategy. Planning stocks. Research & Development. SWOT analysis. Web Data Extraction Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 In this age and time, the web data extraction has become important for each company. Owing to this, organizations can now have business intelligence. If you want to avail excellent services regarding web data extraction, then come directly to us. We are an organization that is engaged in offering dependable web data extraction services to the clients across Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). Our web data extraction services are rendered on the basis of both the mathematical algorithms as well as analytical skills. So, contact us now.   Data Mining ServiceData Mining can be defined as a process of extracting patterns and data from the internet. This process is quite important as data mining is increasingly becoming popular tool in creating models and decision making. Data mined can be stored in different formats such as MS Excel, CSV, HTML and many other formats that you may deem suitable for you. Structured data extraction is done by data mining companies and is used in comparing data. There are many websites using this technique to improve their overall search engine rankings. It is important to note that web data extraction services can be used by any organization, company or corporation which has a given target in industry or anything that is available on the internet. Data extraction services are used as a means of reaching targeted customers as marketing companies.Advantages of outsourcing to a Data Mining CompanyThere are a number of web data scraping tools available on the internet and many companies have taken the advantage of them. The need for structured online content is increasing, for which cutting-edge technology is required. Not just tools or softwares or scrapers, Data mining company offer specialised scraping services to help client with data faster, better quality and more volumes. A team of experts are employed to meet growing needs of clients for web data extraction in a way that suits the customised requirement. There are many advantages to outsource data collection to data mining company, like You can get a lot of information from many websites in the shortest time possible. Save on infrastructure or set up cost, time and efforts Web scraping is a complex process and it comes with many challenges that are handled professionally by the team working on the task  As a data mining company, we specialize in web scraping, data mining and other data management services. The data which is extracted from the internet has wide applications in various industries and if the data is processed it can be used greatly. Applications of Data Extraction ServicesIt is important to note that many businesses are relying on data in one way or another. Most companies use data as their underlying procedures, while others base it on their business operations. Data extraction services are of utmost importance in areas such as: Details : Understanding consumer requirements. Customers determine the future of a business. It is the role of a company to research and know what their customers need and look for ways in which they can attract and maintain current customers. More customers’ means huge revenue and running of a business becomes easier. Product analysis. Is the product the right one? You can gather information from different websites and forums concerning the product you want to offer or a product you are about to launch. Demand and supply analysis. By using scraping services you can be able to analyze both the supply and demand situations. In this way you are able to balance both situations. E-commerce trends. It is one of the most growing industries in the world. It is one of the most competitive and data scraping services are needed to determine what the customers are looking for. It is important to note that web data extraction services are based on both analytical skills and mathematical algorithms which comprehend information and at the same time harvest relevant results from various databases. Web Application Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Appstar is a professionally managed firm involved in providing Web Application Development services to the clients based in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). Working with a wealth of industry experience and domain excellence, we hold specialization in providing applications that are built on .NET, PHP, etc. Ours team of graphic designers and web developers makes sure that the provided solutions meet the functional requirements of clients. With us, one can get solutions for the followings.   Details : Custom web application development Open source web application development Content Management System (CMS) Website Maintenance Website MigrationCustom-made solution, Contemporary design &  Customer-friendly interface At Loginworks Softwares, we specialize in applications built on .Net framework, PHP; with strong capabilities in developing scalable solutions using open sources, CMS and agile methods for our clients from diverse industries. Details : Custom web application development. Open source web application development. Content Management System (CMS). Website Maintenance. Website Migration Building custom-fit web application Detailing out every aspect that goes into development, choosing the right tools and plugins, working on latest versions of web application framework that not only supports your application today but is a scalable solution for the future. At Loginworks Softwares, we take projects to Design, Develop, Test and Support.Development starts with an idea.The idea to eliminate manual processes and in turn eliminate repeated efforts and high costs. The idea to bring technology into use to create something new for the department or division of any company. The idea to mould an existing models or solution into customized one for better usability. Irrespective, of which industry or line of business, we can transform your idea with our expertise with custom-made software applications for better business results.Why choose Loginworks? We come with 10 years of industry experience in software development. A team of over 100+ professional developers. Early adopters of advanced level technologies. Proficient in Software Migration. Practise code reuse that can greatly improve productivity. Full control and Transparency of the SDLC process. Reduced defects and shorter turnaround time. Matured processes and methodologies. Flexible delivery model. Tailored-made, cost-effective and scalable solution. Flexibility in working across time-zones. Web Technologies Frameworks : Zend PHP Framework CakePHP Framework Symfony PHP Framework Yii PHP Framework CMS : Drupal Joomla WordPress Magento Net CMS Software Testing for Web Application : Performance, Load, Stress testing. System testing. Integration testing. Security testing. HTML / CSS validation. Accessibility testing. Usability testing. Multi-browser compatibility testing. Glossary : LAMP - The open source softwares Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP are collectively known as LAMP. For building dynamic websites and applications. SDLC - Also, reffered to Software Development Life Cycle. It is essentially a series of steps, or phases, which provide a model for the development and lifecycle management of an application. We are Process-Oriented (SDLC) : We follow a complete process-oriented chain to get best results. Our expertise in methodologies like Waterfall, RUP, Iterative, Agile and Extreme; and architectures like Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services results in cost-effective solutions with quick turnaround. We have defined metrics to measure the status of each SDLC phase.Application Support and Maintenance : Software Mantainence and Support is an extension for any software development. An ongoing maintenance is required to avoid any defects, and to ensure smooth running of the application. Post the software is deployed, we look into Configuration Management, Troubleshooting and Bug fixing, Performance management, Code Review and Testing. Otherwise, the software may not perform upto mark. In today's challenging times, customers don't wait, they to switch easily to other alternatives. Why not support your applications and make them risk-free? We can help you with : Debugging Troubleshooting Upgrades and Enhancements Content Updates Code Review & QA Testing Performance Management Documentation development and maintenance Re-engineering, Customizing and Consolidation of your application At Loginworks, we are process oriented : Increased Monitoring of the applications for security vulnerabilities. Timely rolling out upgrades and enhancements. To protect, prevent and accelerate performance, contact us. We support your application and look into technical issues, while your staff can concentrate on other important business goals. Software Migration : When a new technology comes in, it is wise to think about transformation. Modernize and migrate to newer, faster and more efficient platforms with limited risks. We can help you in your database migration, software migration (from to .net), SQL migration, platform migration to help you improve performance.How Loginworks Softwares make your IT processes strong and sustainable in a challenging enviornment? Staying competitive by resorting to Software Migration. We provide you with tailor-made solutions to meet your specific requirements. We ensure proper integration of IT processes with business objectives. Trusted backups & security arrangements for smooth upgradation. Mock migrations to reduce or eliminate risks associated with the migration. There is absolutely no compromise on your valuable data. We have a strong competency in .NET application migration Improved performance of your application and processes. Improved security of your application and processes. Allows for easier integration with existing tools and applications. Helps you save money. Provides advanced UI. Loginworks Methodology : System Asssessement & Analysis. Migration Roadmap. Migration Process. Testing. Deployment & Post Migration Support Application Virtualization :Bringing uniformity in your work environment, by introducing Application Virtualization. Connect with your end-users through fast, flexible and reliable platform. Distributed team collaboration. Access to same set of data and application online. No IT resources required. Low cost and efficient way to work. Regular software upgrades and testing. Secured enviornment. Benefits of Web Development : Provide user with access to their applications anywhere and anytime. Provide user with access to their application on any authorized device without application installs. Faster application deployment and updates with no user interruptions. Reduce application compatibility testing time. Consistent experience and reliable access to applications and business data. Open Source Software :We have expertise in open source software development using open source platform like Jhoomla, Magento, OS Commerce and Wordpress. Where Joomla is a highly flexible and cost effective CMS, Magento and OS Commerce is great a platform for e-commerce sites or online stores. Wordpress, is the most used CMS and popular for its elegant and multimedia affluent design features.Details : CMS/Portals E-Commerce portals Website Design & Graphics Website Application Development   We can identify appropriate Open Source solutions for your needs and implement them. : Open-Source Templates Open-Source Code Customization Open-Source Module Development Why use OpenSource? : Low cost. Saves time. Easy to repair security flaws. Quick to catch and fix bugs. No need to quick upgrades. Excellent support. Loginworks RFID service :Loginworks Softwares helps you get Data from RFID Devices. If you are using RFID devices, we can help you extract data and send details to the main frame system.About RFID : Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) is common to all industry types.RFID system essentially consists of two components an RFID tag and an RFID reader. When a reader reads the chip, the antenna allows the data that is recorded in the chip to be converted into digital information.RFIDs unique read-write capability streamlines recordkeeping and data collection and provides access to the data recorded on the RFID tags at the point of business activity.Why RFID is more competitive than Bar Code Technology? : Reads multiple tags simultaneously. Action not required by operator. RFID tags can be matched to the application needs. Significantly greater data capacity, enabling the capture and storage of more detailed and relevant information. Dynamic information ongoing read/write capability enables creation of a continual record. RFID tags and their associated serial identification number provide unique serialization. Use of RFID service in various industry types Retail business (Apparel, Grocery, F&B, Consumer electronics, Pharmacy) Get real-time operational information by automatically detecting product movements throughout the retail process. This has many benefits attached: Identification and authentification of products. Greater control over inventory. Security is strengthened against product theft. Smoother supply chain between production floor and shop floor. Increasing employee efficiency. Reducing labour cost. Reducing inventory carrying costs. RFID in Fleet Management business - We developed a field data capture system, for our client in UK, using RFID reader and Bluetooth reader. The software as windows mobile application aids in quick inspection of tires by sending the tire details quickly to the main frame system. RFID in Logistics business - Improve speed and accuracy for tracking pallets, cartons and containers.RFID in Textile - If a certain item demanded by a customer is not available, RFID helps in obtaining this information within seconds. Responsive Website Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Consider our name if you are looking for a professional help that can efficiently develop responsive website for you. At Appstar, we are a team of developers and graphic designers, who provide solutions keeping in mind all the essential parameters. Based in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), we are involved in developing responsive websites that have the capability to automatically respond to the user's preferences. In this scenario, responsive websites are vital as they reduce the need for a different design and development phase for any new gadget in the market. For getting more information, reach us anytime.  Why Responsive website is so important? - Design and development should be according to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The user can be using their laptop, ipad or smartphone. The website should have the capability to automatically respond to the user's preferences. Responsive websites are important as they eliminate the need for a different design and development phase for any new gadget in the market.Responsive Web Design(RWD) with Fluid grid/ flexible images/ media queries. Webpages in variable sizes For mobile devices / tablets With the ability to easily show and hide content, rearrange layout elements and automatically resize images, form elements and more, a website design can be transformed to fit a huge variety of screen sizes and device types.Why Choose Us? - At Loginworks Softwares, we believe that RWD is not only about adjusting screen size but thinking about design from a totally new perspective. It's not simply about shrinking things proportionally and rearranging elements as necessary to make everything fit. We understand mobile environments: simpler navigation, more focused content, and designing for future, to come up with responsive website development for you.What changes to expect from a  Responsive Website on Mobile device Scenarios : The sidebar disappears, navigation goes to the top, and text is enlarged for easy and simple vertical reading. The logo is modified for a more vertical orientation, with the tagline below the main icon. The featured issue on the right is cut out, and the content below is shortened and rearranged in layout, leaving only the essential information. The font size changes with the screen and browser width; as the browser gets narrower, the font size throughout gets smaller and remains proportional. The navigation simplifies to just a drop-down menu, great for saving space without sacrificing critical navigation links. The columns first collapse into two and then into one. Likewise, the horizontal lines for break points also change in width, without changing the size or style of each line's title text. The sidebars with excess content are the firat to fall off when the screen or browser gets too narrow. eCommerce Portal Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Do you seek professional assistance for e-commerce Portal Development? If the answer is yes, then Appstar is the right place one should head. Operating from Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), we are serving all sorts of clients in the country. With our services, we assist clients in selecting the most appropriate platform that suits their functional requirements. Ours team of developers and designers looks into ivacy, security as well as cross-sell, up-sell, inventory, payments, shipping and other features while developing e-commerce Portal. We understand the issues related to eCommerce portal and thus, accordingly provide tailored solutions.   Our eCommerce Services : E-Commerce Portal Development. Payment Gateway Integration. Plug-in & Module Development. Shopping Cart Development. Maintenance and Support. Behind-The-Development User Interface (UI), Admin panel, Payment Gateway and Security : Large list of products. An intutive navigation model with fast search. A design that clicks with the global audience. A dedicated team to manage the application. Payment gateway integration. 3rd party application integration. Technology that can work well on multiple devices and platforms. We use Magento, WordPress, and other platforms too.Scope Of Work - eCommerce website development does take time to build. There is a lot more that goes into the back-end as compared to a non-commerce website. At Loginworks, our developers look into privacy, security as well as cross-sell, up-sell, inventory, payments, shipping and other features. The scope of work, includes entering product categories, descriptions, images etc.eCommerce CMS development almost always requires customisation. Our team understands the issues related to eCommerce portal and accordingly do custom development for a tailored solution.We ensure that your site is properly set up, optimized for SEO and all functionalities that you need are available. Building a eCommerce site that will drive your business to new hieghts Responsive eCommerce site.   Details : Customized eCommerce site. Smart User Interface. Great User Experience Development Strategy - We map everything before we start designing, selecting a platform or coding. Understanding who your customers are, how to attract them, how to deliver a positive experience, number of products to go live on the site, integrations that you may need and most importantly, having a strategy on your online business will grow in future.eCommerce Platforms for your website We help you choose the plaforms that suits your business best. Why one particular CMS is being chosen over another? Magento is one platform that has a large community of developers constantly refining its functionality.   Details : Magento Shopify X-cart CS-Cart osCommerce Pinnacle Cart FoxyCart Bigcommerce Cube Cart Zen Cart LemonStand PrestaShop Open Cart Virtue Mart Squirrelcart WooCommerce Web & UI Design Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Web designing plays an important role in the realm of online marketing. The more creatively you display your products and services, the more customers you attract. And, Appstar, we are providing all sorts of Web & UI Design Services to our worthy clients based in and around Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). We are backed by a team of designers and professionals, who provide impeccable Web & UI Designing solutions regardless of the industry you belong or the size of your business. Just share your basic requirements, we guarantee to manage the rest. An Ideal Web Designing Company For Your Business - Web designing plays an imperative role in the realm of online marketing, which is quite similar to advertising. The more creatively and beautifully you display your services and products, the more customers you can attract for them. In fact, a better design of website can compel your visitors to browse further and deeper in it. Looking at the increasing importance of websites, we at LoginWorks, offer innovative design options to give your business an instant recognition among the thick and thin of your customer base. Custom-made designs – Only for you - An expert website designing company, we are capable of breathing life within your website with our highly innovative designs. Regardless of the industry to which you belong or the size of your business, we can offer you concrete designs for your website that can simultaneously engage customers. We entirely focus to deliver high-end website designing solutions as per your individual business requirement to ensure substantial increase in your sales. Affordable and professional services - At LoginWorks, we ensure you to offer excellence in terms of quality web designing at reasonable prices. With a remarkable experience of 8 years in the industry and well-qualified team of more than 50 professionals, we lay significant emphasis on every step of designing. As a reputed web designing company, we assure you to deliver the best content, exciting offers, and easy-to-use features all on one platform. Our experienced designers are proficient in boosting your standards of creativity and innovation. Customer satisfaction – the top priority - Above all, we always keep customer satisfaction on the top most priority for the growth of our firm. Irrespective of the design you want, at LoginWorks, the promising website designing company, you can get the best of everything. Our exquisite web designing solutions may include –   Details : Custom applications and websites designing to enhance its functionality with better customized options. Flash websites with interactive navigations and cool animations. Excellent e-commerce websites to ease out the process of shopping. Robust and user –friendly web portals for real estate, classifieds, community, travel, job and more. Ideal discussion forums to engage customers for online conversation. Mobile Application Development Thu, 29 Jun 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Mobile Application is a great tool to engage with customers on the go. Having a mobile application along with a web application makes you completely accessible to your customer. Meaning, more business for you any day! You never know where you are getting seen, a mobile browser or a web browser. We can help you optimize your website for mobile devices for a full frame presentation of your website. Our mobile application development specialists can build: Native mobile applications Cross-platform mobile applications with leading mobile enterprise application platforms Mobile websites and web apps with responsive web design Hybrid applications integrating multiple techniques A mobile application is usually built on an existing proven online service or a business application. It is aimed at adding value by improving user experience and availability Our Work We are proficient in mobile apps for both Android and BlackBerry devices Embedded apps for devices like credit card machines Payment gateway using mobile Mobile data capture using RFID reader and Bluetooth reader. Real time data monitoring on Mobile Ionic Mobile App Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Appstar is a Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) based company, involved in providing Ionic Mobile App Development services. We are making use of open-source platforms for furnishing different functional requirements of clients. We are backed by a team of coordinators, developers and graphic designers, who work in liaison with the specific requirements of clients and develop application accordingly. Over the years, we have gained a long list of happy and repeated clients that is the testimony of our work. For acquiring more information, reach us anytime through our website.   Ionic Development The Way It Should Be Done : At Loginworks Softwares, we have a dedicated team of Ionic mobile application developers. Using Ionic Open-Source platform the team has built an impressive mobile application for movie lovers,called Movic. Movic app works perfectly on the latest mobile devices available to you. : Ionic is a popular framework and geared towards cross platform mobile application development—meaning our developers can simultaneously create iOS, Android, and Windows apps. If you want your mobile app to be developed fast and tested for both android and iOS, then why wait.It is a perfect choice for hi-performance and complex apps.Ionic is very flexible. If you have an app idea, we can develop it exactly.Delivers robust user experience and results in well integrated, easy to manage and secure apps.Let's dive into the all new Ionic framework : Allows for multi-platform mobile development Beautiful, scalable UI for all enterprise and social apps Dramatically reduces cost and timeExperience enhanced performance Experience enhanced performance Superior level of development agility New error handling & debugging features Integrate all well-known third party APIs Not a single line of backend code Android Mobile App Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 If you are thinking for getting a custom-built Android Mobile App Developed for android, get in touch with us. At Appstar, ours is a group of web developers and graphic designers, who work in coordination to provide client-centric application development solutions. We are operating from Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). With us, stay assured for availing prompt and precise Android Mobile App Development solutions. To know more about us and offered services, call on the provided numbers. A mobile operating system by Google, Android is increasingly getting popular. Over a million Android-based applications are there in Google Play store since last two years, with over 50 million applications downloaded. If you are thinking of getting a mobile application developed for Android, it is the way to go. As many as 71% mobile developers are already going the Android way and there is approx. 32% rate of growth per month for Android-based smartphones today. It is known to be the world's most used OS. This popularity of the Google product is not without reason. Android apps are great when it comes to memory management, functionalities, and customization. Android OS allows developers to build apps and games to their heart's content for Android devices with its feature rich framework for application development. The language environment happens to be good old familiar Java. No wonder it is the platform of choice for a plethora of tablets and smartphones.All these have ensured that your business cannot just simply ignore the development of Android Applications. Under the hood, in terms of OS, Android powers many of the world's top mobile and tablet manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and others and has proved to be worthy rival to the imposing iOS from the house of Apple.Some inherent advantages of an android app : Available on Google Play (The Android Market). A Liberating Global Audience. There is no need for the client to have a browser. Enhanced features and utilities made possible with device components such as GPS, Camera etc. You may monetize your app to your liking. At Loginworks Softwares, we build Android mobile applications, LoginNode is a perfect example of our latest Android work. We have the experience and the expertise for mobile application development. We are not into merely writing code but seek to change requirements into memorable interactive and media-rich experiences on the android platform. We have been active participants in the Android revolution since the very days of its inceptions which make us the top Android company in India. Once your Android mobile application is ready and deployed, you can continue to avail our services for latest upgrades and version changes in your application.The Solutions We Offer : Loginworks Softwares provides the following solutions: Development of Custom Android Apps. Development of Android Games. Enterprise Android Applications. Android Mobile-commerce Applications. Social Media Apps for the Android Platform. Development of Android Widgets. Testing and Portability of Android Apps. Android Support & Maintenance. The entire development process of any mobile application rests on three main aspects: Usability, Compatibility and Great design. Once developed it goes on Google store.Our extended services : Application Store Optimization. Application reviews by App websites and Bloggers. Application promotion online. Application submission on other app. Stores online. Maintenance and support for the application. We are an established Android development company with a strong workforce of 100 employees and 8+ years in operations. Our expertise start with strong java, android SDK, XML, JSON, Java, Spring MVC, Spring, Web Services, SQL Lite, resource optimization techniques, NDK. Our developers just not write codes but transform requirements into compelling, usable, media-rich interactive experiences on Android phone and tablet devices. We have been developing apps for Android since the early days of the platform. Windows Mobile Application Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 The word “Windows” is a brand that requires no introduction. And, we, at Appstar, are providing Windows Mobile Application Development services for the mobile devices based on Windows OS. Operating from Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India), ours is a team of qualified and talented professionals, who work together and provide solutions based in social apps and utility based applications. Besides, we provide solutions in context with specific requirements of clients. for detailed information, contact us now. With changing habits of internet users, who are now accessing the net from their mobile devices, it not surprising that mobile applications are in. The word Windows is a brand that needs no introduction. Truly, a pioneering achievement in Operating Systems with Graphical User Interfaces or GUI. We develop applications for the smartphones based on the Windows mobile OS. It is estimated that over a whopping fifty percent of users of Windows mobile use Windows 8. It is no secret that many of the discerning smartphone users opt for windows mobile over Android and even iOS due to its futuristic design and a stunning yet intuitive interface. What we do : Development of Windows Mobile Applications. Integration of API with Third Party. Enhancement of Products. Development of social apps and utility based applications. Ongoing Support and Maintenance. Development of Enterprise Applications. Migration and Porting of Apps and finally. Testing of apps. We have a proven record of efficiency in JSON,XAML, .NET, SQL Lite, XML, the REST/SOAP protocol, visual basic, transitional and smooth User Interfaces, GPS Sensors, Camera Software, effective and powerful integration of the email, contacts and calendar of Outlook and voice search. Developing Windows Mobile applications is very different from any Android or ios application. We do development for all three: Windows, Android and BlackBerry. Contact Us Now. iOS Mobile Application Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Get in touch with us if you are seeking for professional help that can provide solutions related to iOS Mobile Application Development. At Appstar, we are backed by a team of designers and web developers, who work in liaison with clients’ functional requirements and provide solutions accordingly. The provided app development services target both iPhone users and iPad users. We are operating from Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India) and can be approached anytime for acquiring professional assistance. An iPhone application has the ability to serve more than one business use. You make one application that targets both iphone users and ipad users, to cover a wide market. Be present with an ios application.Our services : Development of custom applications. Development of Widgets. Development for the mobile web. Migration and Porting. Development of apps utilizing Augmented Reality. Software testing and QA. Maintenance and software suppor Grow Your Business With Best iOS Application Development. Blackberry Mobile App Development Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Bracketed amid the leading names in the industry, Appstar is instrumental in providing solutions related to Blackberry Mobile App Development in and around Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). The app development solutions that we provide are based on JAVA and a single install supports multiple accounts. The developed applications are rich in features and focused on functionality. Designed to provide excellence user experience, our applications can be integrated with enterprise software. For acquiring information about our workings, visit us through our website. Known for its Utility and Productivity, Blackberry is one of the most desired mobile applications by smart professionals.Details : The development platform is truly open. It is secure and standards compliant. IT may be managed fully. It may easily be integrated with enterprise software. It may also be integrated with business phone systems. Advantages of Blackberry Applications Blackberry applications have a number of inherent benefits such as: Blackberry Apps are built on Java. Rich in features and focused on functionality. Wireless mobile data transfer is made much swifter with Blackberry. Built-in Blackberry Browser. It may be activated easily on BES. No need for wireless enterprise activation. Excellent user experience. A single install supports multiple accounts. We build custom applications for the Bold, Curve, Storm and Pearl variants of the Blackberry to meet the needs of consumers and enterprise businesses alike : GPS Solutions for Blackberry. Management productivity tools. Applications enabling mobile commerce and point of sales. Apps based on the intranet as well as internet. We deliver BlackBerry applications that are eminently scalable, interactive and interoperable as well. Our applications are specifically catered to the requirements that are unique to each client precisely and in a timely manner.Our BlackBerry Solutions : Development of Custom J2ME/Blackberry Applications. Games for Blackberry. Blackberry apps for enterprises. Mobile Banking Apps for Blackberry. Social Media Apps for Blackberry. Blackberry Communication Apps. Portability between J2ME and Blackberry. Maintenance and Testing of Blackberry Apps. Our mobile application Services : Enhancements of Blackberry Applications. Migration of Blackberry Application. Development of Blackberry Applications. BlackBerry Application Programming. You can count on us when it comes to Blackberry application development; our team is skilled in Blackberry enterprise servers, the Blackberr4y JDE, Runtime APIs of Blackberry, Blackberry Widget SKD. Proficiency in all these and more, are necessary in order code and create a successful and worthwhile Blackberry Application.In a snapshot, we do : BlackBerry Application Development. BlackBerry Application Programming. BlackBerry Application Enhancements. BlackBerry Application Migration. Custom Software Development Services Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Do you need custom software to improve the functionality of your enterprise technology initiatives? Are you getting a suitable return on your business software investment? Are your customers or suppliers complaining that they can't do business with you via the Internet because of problems with inaccurate or missing information, data not available when it is required (or not available in the correct format), or your software is simply too confusing to use? We can help. Don't wait for your competition to snare your valuable customers because they have a superior business software solution. Our professional custom software consultants can help you define efficient business processes that can improve your operational efficiencies and you time and money. Equally important, Our custom software designers will help you evaluate business practices and software solutions designed to increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention. If you are serious about your business and eCommerce software then you should consider software consulting, software design, custom software development or a custom software solution from DreamSoft.Our software designs include detailed use cases, easy to understand wireframes and user interface prototypes, complete database models, and implementation / test plans. Our database development projects typically include a data model, data dictionary, database normalization, and embedded stored procedures / triggers for maximum custom software performance. Visit our custom software development lifecycle management page for more information about our development process. Grocery Billing Software Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Supermarket retail stores lets you handle out-of-stock scenarios with efficient inventory, re-order, expiry, return & wastage management modules. Give a great checkout experience with mobile billing apps like SellSmart and SellQuick. WhatsNow mobile app gives you auto notification of your business performance. CRM tools ensure promotions & loyalty management. Well-integrated financial accounting with VAT e-filling. Try Supermarket, Grocery, Kirana shop pos software. Hotel Management Software Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 we have a highly flexible hotel management software that can help hotels from mid-sized to large size properties to automate the entire gamut of operations with maximum ease. A comprehensive solution in Property Management Systems (PMS) for hotels, hotel chains, resorts, motels, Restaurants, cafés, inns, etc . our hotel management software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties viz the hotels, motels, resorts, clubs, B & B's, small hotel franchisees, clubs, condo's, hostel and apartments. Front Office Group Booking Laundry Guest Engagement Back Office Housekeeping Banquet Mini-bar Payroll School Management Software Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Our software is a complete software solution for educational institutes which unlike any other such solutions focuses on the essential needs of an insititute or school and the pain areas of their day-to-day operations. Its unique automation techniques, which are evolved through a long phase of understanding the school operations in depth and coming up as a very useful product for educational domain and bestowing to its very nature it is not just a conventional ERP but a complete package of hassle-free IT services. Wide Coverage : It encompasses the complete student life-cycle starting from admission to result generation and TC, along with website, payroll and Inventory management,covering a wide range of processes. Modular Solution : The solution comes with modular approach! To start, one can choose any number of modules and pay only for selected modules and gradually move towards the complete automation. SMS & Email alerts : Auto alerts integrated with every module make it self-monitored software solution which requires almost zero operational cost and can sustain without additional manpower Low-Cost Guaranteed : our software despite of its world-class features and fanatical support system at the back, it is priced at the least cost. Taking care of affordability of noble-caused institutions of education system Integration : Its capability of integration with various other systems like Bio-metric attendance system, Transport system, Existing website or an accounts system (Tally etc.) makes it viable for any level implementation Planning and Self-Reporting : Teachers can create their teaching and evaluation plan and can manage their work-diaries. The solution auto-generates the reports for the tasks unfinished or delayed.