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School Management Software

Our software is a complete software solution for educational institutes which unlike any other such solutions focuses on the essential needs of an insititute or school and the pain areas of their day-to-day operations. Its unique automation techniques, which are evolved through a long phase of understanding the school operations in depth and coming up as a very useful product for educational domain and bestowing to its very nature it is not just a conventional ERP but a complete package of hassle-free IT services.

  • Wide Coverage : It encompasses the complete student life-cycle starting from admission to result generation and TC, along with website, payroll and Inventory management,covering a wide range of processes.
  • Modular Solution : The solution comes with modular approach! To start, one can choose any number of modules and pay only for selected modules and gradually move towards the complete automation.
  • SMS & Email alerts : Auto alerts integrated with every module make it self-monitored software solution which requires almost zero operational cost and can sustain without additional manpower
  • Low-Cost Guaranteed : our software despite of its world-class features and fanatical support system at the back, it is priced at the least cost. Taking care of affordability of noble-caused institutions of education system
  • Integration : Its capability of integration with various other systems like Bio-metric attendance system, Transport system, Existing website or an accounts system (Tally etc.) makes it viable for any level implementation
  • Planning and Self-Reporting : Teachers can create their teaching and evaluation plan and can manage their work-diaries. The solution auto-generates the reports for the tasks unfinished or delayed.

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