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Real Estate Industry Data

Mining Data on Property Listings, Prices and Sellers Buying property, renting accommodation, finding property prices, availability has become so much easier now with online sites specially dedicated to real estate business. Gone are the days, when agents and brokers used to finalize deals by physically meeting prospects. Today, online business has replaced the traditional ways of doing business.Companies operating on or off the digital page require one thing for sure, and that is data. Data renders competitive advantage to organizations, and this holds clammy truth for the real estate industry. A fast-growing technology that real estate companies are harnessing and increasingly counting on is Data Mining. Loginworks Softwares is one of the premier companies that have promoted real estate data mining technology as a statistical approach for companies belonging to this arena. Our data extraction services have immensely helped many real estate companies with useful data related to their industry. Get real estate data :
  • Property listings
  • Property prices
  • Property availability
  • Images
  • Property ads
  • Property categories ΓΆ€” to buy, to rent, to lease
  • Property agents, brokers, owners, dealers
  • Property details or specifications
  • Offers and promotions
  • Prices and Bids
  • Reviews & comments
  • Contacts & database
In the present scenario, real estate is a fast-growing domain and competition is fierce. Companies striving for a prominent spot needs to have competitive advantage. Data mining services offered by us can provide you the data power required to race ahead in the competition. What makes data mining a desirable investment in the market is still an answer-less question for many. Every data mining projects aim at certain attainments that make it worth the salt. Advantages of data mining in real estate
  • Data and database management to help you build your own portal
  • Better sales, better deals