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Product Data & price Comparison Data for You Data mining is a nascent technology in different industries, mostly because it, so far, it had found extensive use for search engines and other Internet-based or data-centric search operations. In recent times, its efficacy has come to limelight, especially for online retailers that are operating in a violently-competitive market condition. We, at Loginworks Softwares, offer data mining service for online retail stores, regardless of the niche of operation. Helping businesses identify the right kind of customers, data acquired through this mining technique has rendered insight to entrepreneurs on the customer's base and many such related areas. The market in today's situation is in N ever-changing mold, splashing the new entrants in all sectors with throe of challenges. In order to survive in such a turbulent environment, businesses need to buckle themselves up with the right kind of intelligence that will configure decisions and strategies. Loginworks Softwares ensures that your business performs at its best by bringing to you :
  • eCommerce data
  • Product data
  • Price comparison data
  • Competitors online
  • Promotions online
Benefit from us :
  • Market Research
  • Data analysis
  • Better decision making
  • Strategy development
  • Hike in revenue generation
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  • Type of data ΓΆ€” categories, information you need
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  • What format: Database, Txt, MySQL, CSV file, Excel, HTML, XML,
Data scraped for online retail stores contain invaluable business intelligences like business-customer relationship, customers' loyalty, changing market trends, customer service feedback, product and service feedbacks, customer's responses, promotion results, return on investment, strategies from rivals, new customers that have turned to your business, ways of increasing profits, transaction cost and much more. Choose Loginworks as your service provider : We have been in the business of data collection and mining for about 8 years now, earning a name for ourselves in the market with our timely delivery and high accuracy. Loginworks has a strong team of 50+ professionals. We have clients across the world, many of which are from the online retail business. We can help you build your online business using our data capabilities. For reference : Please do take a look at our esteemed service for the RC Hobby industry It is the first of it's kind vertical search engine for the RC Hobby industry. Bringing together more than 45 estores selling RC products (models and parts).