DOT NET (.NET) Development Stay ahead on web and on mobile! Loginworks Softwares is an established technology company when it comes to Dot Net (.NET) development. We do web-based application, application migration to Dot Net (.NET), windows desktop development. Using advanced technologies, to your benefit and bringing IT closer to business functions in every way.Today, Loginworks stands as a distinctive name for its end-to-end IT solutions that are both result-oriented as well as cost-effective. Ten Reasons Why You Want to Build Your Website on .NET
  • Some applications require Dot Net (.NET) to perform their core functions.
  • It is easy to access & automatic updating ensures you always have the latest version.
  • A single programming model enables accomplishing tasks within various programs.
  • The level of security may be specified ultimately resulting in a more secure distribution.
  • Development is made more streamlined and simpler..
  • No need to mix code and design.
  • Upkeep and deployment is made easier.
  • Managed code ensures stability.
  • With .NET you get the speed of c++As of now it lends you the advantage of open source
Our Dot Net (.NET) Services
  • Development for Windows Azure
  • Development of .NET mobile apps
  • Silverlight development
  • Development for desktops running on Windows
  • ASP .NET development
  • Migration to the .NET framework
  • Customization of .NET based products
  • Maintenance and support
  • WPF / WCF / WF development
Work on the Latest Versions
  • A software development platform from Microsoft, the .NET framework is a controlled programming environment for the purposes of development, installation and execution on machines based on Windows OS's.
  • It is a comprehensive programming model known for its consistency. It is used for building applications with the user experience that stuns. It is similarly useful in making communication secure and seamless and modeling business processes across the range. The .NET Framework 4 redistributable package from Microsoft is used to install the core runtime and associated files that are necessary to target the .NET Framework 4.
  • The .NET Framework 4 is compatible and works alongside with previous versions. Applications that have their bases in earlier versions will not cease to work on the default version. Version 4.5.1 of the framework continues the successful previous milestone release of version 4. Version 4 enabled Optimization of apps in cases of parallel computing or other distributed systems. Version 4 was succeeded by version 4.5 with which you could develop apps for Windows 8, RT and the Windows Phone software environments.
  • The latest version of this framework is the 4.5.2 and our team of proficient developers is well adapted to the changing needs and scenarios faced by your business. Contact us today for a quote!