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Media Planner

Classified Ad Monitoring and Brand Tracking using DataMining Media planning is popularly known as ad planning, buying space across media platforms. Understanding where your competitor is running an ad, how many ads, types of ad, the size of ad and related information will help you forefront your competitor's media strategy. DataMining is a service we provide to track online ads run by your company and your competitors. Data Mining shrinks down the enormous engine of database over the Internet into a pool of relevant and helpful information. Data mining for media planners is practically a boon. Loginworks Softwares brings bring to you information relevant to media planning activities. Our mining experts invest their skills into converting data from their unprocessed, unstructured forms into compiled data with the use of software algorithms. Data tracking of this kind is of great help in finding patterns, new and old and relationships between variables. We generate the stats you require in order to find out comprehensive data on your businesses. Just like you manually browse through information and collect it from a website, we do the same but across multiple websites and track changes as and when they happen automatically. Thereby, speeding up the process of data collection, transporting accurate and latest data into a format you can use for analysis & reporting. Web mining for media planning churns out a whole mill of information on various areas of the job. Companies venture into implementing the process in order to gather data that throws illumination on:
  • Ad campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Brand campaigns
  • Keyword tracking
Data mining through Loginworks make possible to widen the reach of the planners to different countries across the world. Hence, data scripted in different languages and dialects can be accessed through mining. The most common areas of target as specified by our clients are: Data Mining for you:
  • Classified ad
  • Ad directories
  • Answers to queries
  • Products and service relevant
  • Forums and blogs tracking
  • Stakeholders
  • Webpage data
  • Yellow pages scraping
Data mining service for media planning is very popular in media planning because it addresses sources where from extraction often takes more than software or just skills. In most cases, it requires a combination of two. We mine data for you through which you may track your return on investment, investment, impact, visibility and also derive creative ideas from the investment. How you can gain from us?
  • Experience, Expertise and Excellence
  • It's been 8 years in the industry serving our clients with Data Mining service.
  • Our infrastructure has capabilities of getting you data that is not easy. Using advance technology and our competence we can get you the data you need.
  • Millions of records everyday, accurate and fast.