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Marketing, Media & Public Relations

Staying Up-to-Date by Tracking Online Coverage: Brand & News Marketing along the line of tradition is not so much of an option in times of digital upraise. Information technology and its bounty have caused convenience to people handling and availing diverse functions in different domains. The introduction of data mining is a perfect addition to marketing, media and PR departments because each of these sectors revolves around the axis called data. Loginworks Softwares sets afloat an array of opportunities for business houses with marketing, media and PR processes to optimize their functionalities to the fullest.Data mining functions is all about searching out plethora of information on sensitive areas relevant to a business or any of its processes for appropriate implementation. The data we excavate for our clients serves multiple purposes. We aim to deliver our clients intelligence that pertains to the key aspects of the departments, like:
  • Ads tracking
  • News tracking
  • Brand tracking
  • Tracking by keywords
  • Publicity online
  • Social media campaigns
  • Directories and database
  • Yellow pages scraping
  • Product data
Advanced algorithm scores the Internet bases and archives looking for unstructured data that match the areas of marketing, PR, and Media. Information that is otherwise impossible to access through a regular or advanced Google search can be accessed easily through data mining service. Besides, the unstructured data sourced from different points are sorted, analyzed and compiled so that they can be readily digested for immediate understanding. Innumerable benefits that can be reaped from the investment are:
  • News you can use
  • Robust Marketing strategy
  • First runner in the industry
  • Marketing collateral
  • Research reports
  • Database for future use
Data mining in the fields of marketing has gathered prolific use and response in terms of usability. It has rendered help to multiple industries by meeting their data crisis. Businesses, thanks to data mining, are now able to make informed decisions in terms of implementing strategies to launching new products and everything in between. Challenges we overcome vis-a-vis any manual process or ready-made tool :
  • Voluminous data
  • Across online sources
  • Accessible through popular and usable formats
  • Meeting customized data requirement
Unlike human jobs that are prone to be faulty and often slow, Loginworks produce completely perfect and error-free data in a very quick turnaround time. We make use of our automated systems that scavenge different databases in search of data. We pick them by their relevance percentage for best results.