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Market Research

Data you can rely upon and data that is fast to access Market research for businesses is of ineluctable necessity when the fact of existence in this turbulent market scenario is put to question. Market research is not a brain-popping idea of the business moguls of the 21st century. Corporations from the last century have been on comfort situations by implementation of knowledge derived through this search process. Market research of a new kind has been scooted forward through the technique called data mining that has by far outdone the outcomes of traditional marketing. The businesses of 21st century handle the challenges smartly through data mining market research as every industry is now a product of the IT. Loginworks Softwares, one of the pathfinders in this arena, offers quality data mining service focused on gathering market data for business houses big and small. Our data reports generally comprise invaluable data about :
  • Online Tracking of products data
  • FMCG data
  • ecommerce data
  • Marketing campaigns and their reports
  • Social media campaign tracking
  • Brand tracking
  • Data analysis
  • Database management & Reports
  • Big Data
We make use of statistical techniques to establish a connection or correlation between different concerning factors in a large set of the database. The point of data mining for market research is to get an insight on customers' behavioral patterns, their buying habits, what's hot in the market and why, in comparison with that what's not and why, credit card characteristics, etc. The specialty of data mining for market research is that it focuses on algorithms and makes a contrast on with statistical inferences. It is a part of data warehousing and machine learning. Data Mining for you :
  • Mass marketing
  • Digging up data from auto dealer database
  • Gathering insights on customer preferences and feedbacks
  • Email blasting
  • Strategize marketing campaigns
  • Make study reports for annual reports or directories
Web mining technique has seeped into market research unnoticed and has manifested well, contributing to the bourgeoning of the technique. Exploiting this technique, researchers and analysts have been able to reach out to bulkier databases and have been able to use semi-automatic analysis feature of this system. The analysis of the system is focused on offering a clear analysis and delves out possibilities of implementation of the findings into a change-making. Data mining in market research accomplishes the entire process of data collection, data preparation, creating business models, evaluation of the data and gaining business understanding. We make use of the most common methods of mining in the market research procedures, such as Details : Custom set ups
  • Automated data gathering
  • Database management
  • Data analysis & trendsg
  • Data presentation & reports
Loginworks Softwares: Your Market Research Partner We have the technological backing teeming with the expertise to deal in Big Data. For our projects, we have always made in a point to scour through websites and large data bases to fish out what has been asked from us. Our customized data mining services have extended a selection of choices for those who are not looking to buy a traditional package. Both one-time and recurrent market research clients opt for our Data Stream services to input valuable information for decision making.
  • Assured quality
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Voluminous data
Our long track record in serving both retainer clients and project clients; robust infrastructure and a specialist team; and professionally serving global business around the world with millions of records being send on a daily and weekly basis gives us the edge over any other data mining company.