Magento Development For Companies
  • Did you know that over 240,000 of websites currently flagged on the World Wide Web are powered by Magento alone? Many hot favourite eCommerce sites are run on Magento technology, doing great business, and leading the markets.
  • The dynamic platform of Magento coupled with our personalized technology solutions can offer you the best boost a business needs to flourish and to expand.
  • Magento is co-owned by eBay, the eCommerce giant and so you know it canĂ¢€™t get better than this.
  • Our company specializes in Magento development services, and support clients to market their business online with Loginworks ONE (Online Engagements), the online marketing services.
  • Adding value to your business with competition tracking done by our specialist team of professioal in Loginworks Data Stream, by providing product-price data across competitors.
  • Our technically trained body of experts, offer all sorts of supports and services related to Magento.
Prime Business Advantages of Magento To round it off, here are the top 10 merits of Magento that make it suitable for your business.
  • An intuitive and versatile content management system
  • Smaller screen friendly graphical and code configuration
  • An SEO-optimized tool
  • Expansive and powerful
  • Customizable security permissions
  • Money and time-saving
  • Large network
  • Third party integration
  • Upsell and cross sell features
  • Filtered search functions for easy and fast finding
Loginworks Softwares team of technical experts - designers and developers prepare table custom themes, designs and custom designs, custom site development, eCommerce store development, CMS shopping carts, landing page design and its customization, photo editing, callout graphics, site integrated widgets, social buttons, special effects, and everything on the Magento platform and technology. Earmarks by Which Magento Distinguishes from All Others With Magento, your business can enjoy the competitive advantages that only the best of business strategies can produce.Take a look here:
  • Offers fluidity and flexibility to ensure satisfactory and rich customerĂ¢€™s experience
  • Ensures requirement specific back-end workflow to the websites
  • Open source with an open architecture
  • Compatible with various other eCommerce solutions
  • Offers complete control on the website, blog or the online channel it houses
  • Designs that suit business needs of simple to lofty kinds
  • Special enterprise-class and community-edition for users
  • Perfect for eCommerce as eBay stands as a glaring testimony
Being a part of eBay, Magento shares the eCommerce leaderĂ¢€™s portfolio of relevant services and solutions. It serves as the eBay gateway that opens to eBay PayPal, eBay Marketplace, eBay Enterprise order management, marketing service, retail functions and more. Why Magento is Right for Your Company? Magento has certain advantages in comparison to other similar sources and platforms. The pointers below indicate why it is the right service to choose for your company:
  • The platform is designed solely for marketers, web owners and non-techy people that make it easy to use.
  • Multiple storefronts, discount modules, constantly revising catalogues, coupon codes, cross selling, upselling, etc.
  • Modular, bug-free and upgradable code base that only requires updating of the core files
  • Separate pace for adding designs instead of needing to hack into the core files
  • eCommerce friendly extensions and plug-ins that enrich the files
  • Built-in security features that are resistant to SQL injection errors and other critical failures