Html5 and CSS3 Web Development and Design Today's web scenario demands HTML5 and CSS3! Loginworks Softwares is your service provider to clean and well designed websites for giving your business visual and accessible edge. The introduction of the latest web technologies of HTML5 & CSS3 has ensured that building responsive websites is a better alternative to creating separate websites optimized for mobile devices. We make sure that codings are simple, clean and intelligent and comply to CSS3 and HTML coding and best styling practices. You can also customize your website to your heart̢۪s content! Beginning from concept wireframe to PSD mockup or design template to W3C validation, we handle everything to make your website stand out. The Evolution of HTML and CSS3 The HTML5 and CSS3 technologies are evolving at a rapid rate. Beautiful websites that impress the visitor with a seamless experience is now possible without flash animation. This is achieved by the canvas, video and audio tags introduced in HTML5. With them you are free from the constraints of Flash and multimedia players belonging to third parties. We facilitate your website optimization across devices by employing the latest in Javascript, Jquery, Media Queries, HTML5, Mobile HTML5, CSS3 etc. 3D transforms, transitions and web based fonts all are put into effective use by Loginworks Softwares for you. Our Services :
  • With us you can expect:
  • Multimedia Websites without Flash
  • Mobile and Responsive Websites
  • And an Overall Clean, Simple yet Elegant Website.
Benefits of HTML and CSS3 Platforms : Take a quick surf through:
  • Use of advanced technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery for a cross platform solution compatible in Android and iPhone. This results in lower maintenance costs across the lifetime of the web application.
  • In the absence of semantic markup, SEO or Search Engine Marketing and Content Marketing will do you no good to get better ranking in search engines. HTML5 offers significant benefits when it comes to SEO and content markup.
  • With HTML5 you can now have web applications that may be accessed offline which enable businesses to provide an offline experience. Performance is also bettered by the new cache system.
  • The HTML5 and CSS3 specifications now allow for web experiences that are compatible across browsers.
  • The collection, collation and use of web data across devices may now be easily accessed with analytics tools based on browsers that enhance business intelligence.
  • As on 2010 only1/3rds of web video was yet to be encoded for HTML5. HTML5 supports videos natively and direct video content results in better search engine rankings.
  • Location based apps and services may now be put into use effectively with HTML5 geolocation.
  • A wide range of presentation and design tools result in a more enriching user experience and better websites and applications. Engagement is increased by such user experience.
Our Team : Our team is well versed with:
  • Effective conversion of PSD design to responsive HTML5/CSS3 websites.
  • Using and implementing jQuery plugins
  • Sound expertise of JavaScript and jQuery
  • Familiarity with CSS frameworks such as Foundation 5 and Bootstrap 3.
  • Previous Acquaintance MV* JavaScript Frameworks such as Angular.js, Backbone.js and Ember.js