Drupal Website Development Made Easy Powering hundreds and thousands of websites. Drupal is a powerful open source platform written in PHP. It is basically a Content Management System and is available for managing, publishing and developing content. Drupal has so many user-friendly features that make it one of the most renowned CMS applications. Millions of people are using this open source framework to support a wide variety of websites in today's market. We, at Loginworks Softwares, use Drupal to create scalable solutions. Our experts have sound knowledge of Drupal and therefore serve several clients offering effective solutions to them. They use Drupal to build almost everything ranging from blogs to applications. Apart from the fact that Drupal is an open source CMS, it comes with many additional modules that allows developing almost all sorts of sites. Aside from that, it has the ability to run multiple sites. Also, it addresses platform issues. The Drupal core comes with a large number of features that makes it a desirable platform altogether. Why Choose Drupal? Here are 8 reasons why choosing our Drupal package will be worth the investment: Rapid Website Assembly - By using Drupal, building internal or external-facing sites is just a matter of few hours. This CMS needs a minimal custom programming to support multiple sites. Extensible - Drupal features several modules that enable us to build outstanding sites. Moreover, its API uses custom code that helps us to provide satisfactory solutions to our clients. Very Flexible in Terms of Deployment - Drupal provides many ways to deploy websites by supplying unified codebases as well as databases. No Licensing Cost - Drupal package comes without license fees. Thus, you do not require paying anything extra for its licensing, which means you can now invest more on how to make the website unique. Scalable - The best thing about Drupal is that it can run some of the most high-trafficked sites. So, if you are planning to create a site with several pages, our Drupal package can be ideal for you. Developed for Social Publishing - This multi-user CMS allows fine-tuned access control to the users. Beyond that, Drupal facilitates sharing logins alongside content with social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Follows Standards - Drupal takes full advantage of the persisting standards. It functions to connect with the web services, supports various authorization schemes and delivers content to several mobile devices. Therefore, you can expect your site to receive more number of traffic. Open to Branding - This open source platform features multiple themes that allow creating highly interactive websites that engage users. Is Drupal Secure? When it comes to Drupal's security, know that it strictly follows its policy. If any security issues occur, they are fixed with due care. Also, the developers ensure to announce the type of security problem that has occurred. Through Update Status module, the Drupal sites' administrators are notified of such new releases. The CMS also maintains a mailing list, a RSS feed and a security team page to address security issues as fast as possible. Talk to our representatives today to find answers for all your queries related to Drupal.