Cake PHP

Cake PHP Web Development Service When you want to develop your web applications simply, quickly and without the hassles of bloated codes, Cake PHP comes to an easy rescue. It is free and it is an open-source! To add to that, it is a PHP developmental framework that facilitates rapid development. You get to work rapidly and in a structured manner without losing any sort of flexibility. Loginworks Softwares provides you the opportunity to put to use all of the best features of Cake PHP for your benefits and advantages.It is based on the MVC or Model-View-Controller approach. Written in PHP, it closely resembles concepts such as Ruby on Rails, on which it is modeled. It is distributed under the MIT license. Should I Use Cake PHP
  • Not only does Cake PHP simplify the process of programming, but it also enhances and adds to existing potentials made possible by PHP. To put it simply and absolutely, it is one the best MVC's around. The overwhelming benefits of Cake PHP that tilt the balance in its favor are:
  • Quickly develops prototypes by making use of scaffolding and code generation features.
  • It avoids the usual hassles of configuration associated with XML or YAML files. All you have to do is to setup your database.
  • The friendly MIT license makes it highly suitable for being used in commercial applications.
  • Database access, translations, validation, caching, authentication amongst others are just few of the things that constitute a part of the original framework. All these are built-in in Cake PHP.
  • The MVC conventions which form a part of Cake PHP serves as a guide for you while developing your app. These clean conventions save you a lot of unnecessary planning.
  • CSRF protection, input validation, form tampering protection, XSS prevention and SQL injection prevention is easily made by built-in tools. This helps to keep your app secure and safe.
  • A custom of regular releases ensure that the framework stays up to date with the latest trends in development.
  • It is an active participant in the Open Source Movement.
  • It is a better alternative to Symfony, Lithium, Zend and Codeigniter.
  • Due to its open source and free nature, you may use it in most web hosts
  • Loginworks Softwares service in this domain, can help you immensely for your business and organization.
Our services in the Cake PHP Frame work
  • Web Development with Cake PHP
  • Development of Cake PHP Extensions
  • Integration and Customization with Cake PHP
  • Development of CMS or Content Management Systems with Cake PHP
  • Tag cloud for service pages
  • Shopping cart development with Cake PHP
Loginworks Softwares develops all of these with effective use of Active Record, Front Controller, and Association Data Mapping and is based on the Model-View-Controller structure. Latest News on Cake PHP
  • Cake PHP 3.0.0 RC2 is released
  • The developers of the CakePHP core team announced the release of Cake PHP 3.0.0, release candidate 2(RC 2) some time back.
  • This follows the release of the stable, official version of Cake PHP 2.6.1 which fixes various bugs found in the 2.6 release branch.
  • Let's build you platform on cake php today.