Blackberry Mobile App Development

Blackberry Mobile App Development

Bracketed amid the leading names in the industry, Appstar is instrumental in providing solutions related to Blackberry Mobile App Development in and around Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). The app development solutions that we provide are based on JAVA and a single install supports multiple accounts. The developed applications are rich in features and focused on functionality. Designed to provide excellence user experience, our applications can be integrated with enterprise software. For acquiring information about our workings, visit us through our website. Known for its Utility and Productivity, Blackberry is one of the most desired mobile applications by smart professionals.

Details :

  • The development platform is truly open.
  • It is secure and standards compliant.
  • IT may be managed fully.
  • It may easily be integrated with enterprise software.
  • It may also be integrated with business phone systems.

Advantages of Blackberry Applications Blackberry applications have a number of inherent benefits such as:

  • Blackberry Apps are built on Java.
  • Rich in features and focused on functionality.
  • Wireless mobile data transfer is made much swifter with Blackberry.
  • Built-in Blackberry Browser.
  • It may be activated easily on BES. No need for wireless enterprise activation.
  • Excellent user experience.
  • A single install supports multiple accounts.

We build custom applications for the Bold, Curve, Storm and Pearl variants of the Blackberry to meet the needs of consumers and enterprise businesses alike :

  • GPS Solutions for Blackberry.
  • Management productivity tools.
  • Applications enabling mobile commerce and point of sales.
  • Apps based on the intranet as well as internet.

We deliver BlackBerry applications that are eminently scalable, interactive and interoperable as well. Our applications are specifically catered to the requirements that are unique to each client precisely and in a timely manner.

Our BlackBerry Solutions :

  • Development of Custom J2ME/Blackberry Applications.
  • Games for Blackberry.
  • Blackberry apps for enterprises.
  • Mobile Banking Apps for Blackberry.
  • Social Media Apps for Blackberry.
  • Blackberry Communication Apps.
  • Portability between J2ME and Blackberry.
  • Maintenance and Testing of Blackberry Apps.

Our mobile application Services :

  • Enhancements of Blackberry Applications.
  • Migration of Blackberry Application.
  • Development of Blackberry Applications.
  • BlackBerry Application Programming.

You can count on us when it comes to Blackberry application development; our team is skilled in Blackberry enterprise servers, the Blackberr4y JDE, Runtime APIs of Blackberry, Blackberry Widget SKD. Proficiency in all these and more, are necessary in order code and create a successful and worthwhile Blackberry Application.

In a snapshot, we do :

  • BlackBerry Application Development.
  • BlackBerry Application Programming.
  • BlackBerry Application Enhancements.
  • BlackBerry Application Migration.

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