Android Mobile App Development

Android Mobile App Development

If you are thinking for getting a custom-built Android Mobile App Developed for android, get in touch with us. At Appstar, ours is a group of web developers and graphic designers, who work in coordination to provide client-centric application development solutions. We are operating from Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh, India). With us, stay assured for availing prompt and precise Android Mobile App Development solutions. To know more about us and offered services, call on the provided numbers. A mobile operating system by Google, Android is increasingly getting popular. Over a million Android-based applications are there in Google Play store since last two years, with over 50 million applications downloaded. If you are thinking of getting a mobile application developed for Android, it is the way to go. As many as 71% mobile developers are already going the Android way and there is approx. 32% rate of growth per month for Android-based smartphones today. It is known to be the world's most used OS. This popularity of the Google product is not without reason. Android apps are great when it comes to memory management, functionalities, and customization. Android OS allows developers to build apps and games to their heart's content for Android devices with its feature rich framework for application development. The language environment happens to be good old familiar Java. No wonder it is the platform of choice for a plethora of tablets and smartphones.All these have ensured that your business cannot just simply ignore the development of Android Applications. Under the hood, in terms of OS, Android powers many of the world's top mobile and tablet manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and others and has proved to be worthy rival to the imposing iOS from the house of Apple.

Some inherent advantages of an android app :

  • Available on Google Play (The Android Market).
  • A Liberating Global Audience.
  • There is no need for the client to have a browser.
  • Enhanced features and utilities made possible with device components such as GPS, Camera etc.
  • You may monetize your app to your liking.

At Loginworks Softwares, we build Android mobile applications, LoginNode is a perfect example of our latest Android work. We have the experience and the expertise for mobile application development. We are not into merely writing code but seek to change requirements into memorable interactive and media-rich experiences on the android platform. We have been active participants in the Android revolution since the very days of its inceptions which make us the top Android company in India. Once your Android mobile application is ready and deployed, you can continue to avail our services for latest upgrades and version changes in your application.

The Solutions We Offer :

  • Loginworks Softwares provides the following solutions:
  • Development of Custom Android Apps.
  • Development of Android Games.
  • Enterprise Android Applications.
  • Android Mobile-commerce Applications.
  • Social Media Apps for the Android Platform.
  • Development of Android Widgets.
  • Testing and Portability of Android Apps.
  • Android Support & Maintenance.

The entire development process of any mobile application rests on three main aspects: Usability, Compatibility and Great design. Once developed it goes on Google store.

Our extended services :

  • Application Store Optimization.
  • Application reviews by App websites and Bloggers.
  • Application promotion online.
  • Application submission on other app. Stores online.
  • Maintenance and support for the application.

We are an established Android development company with a strong workforce of 100 employees and 8+ years in operations. Our expertise start with strong java, android SDK, XML, JSON, Java, Spring MVC, Spring, Web Services, SQL Lite, resource optimization techniques, NDK. Our developers just not write codes but transform requirements into compelling, usable, media-rich interactive experiences on Android phone and tablet devices. We have been developing apps for Android since the early days of the platform.

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